Our Favorite Small Shops!

Bayou Attire is proud to announce all of the small shops we support. Feel free to click any of the links below and shop away! These are NOT affiliate links!

Bows and What Knots: Handmade Childrens Bows and Clothing

Knotty Bullcrab: Handmade bows and children's clothing.

Tiger Lily Distressed Denim: Hand distressed denim clothing

Graceful Customs: Tumblers and all things acrylic!

Flare Cosmetics: Handmade Lip Glosses (No Vendors)

Two Life Savers Creations: Vinyl and Screen Printing Shirts

RoKai Creations: Handmade crochet items

Beyond Lo: Business Shipping Supplies

Sister Beeds: Handmade Jewelry

TLMmade: Handmade Children's Clothing

Tessa Fautheree- My Scentsy Dealer

Petty Betty: Cups, Tees, pins, and more!